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Cre8audio: Eurorack Modules For the Rest of Us



Eurorack-compatible analog synth modules: Capt’n Big-O, Mr. Phil Ter, and also BigEARS (birch ends for the NiftyCASE powered Eurorack case)

This is actually five news items for the price of two: 1. Cre8Audio has formed a partnership with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, and 2. three new co-developed products.

Capt’n Big-O is a14hp wide analog VCO module with wave-shaping, developed by Pittsburgh Modular. It features 100% true real actual not digital analog circuitry, “perfect for people who like or want to like massively big analog sounds.” Both of those apply to us – we like them and we want to like them. It’s capable of generating “everything from classic analog sonds to the more complex modern sounds that Pittsburgh Modular has become famous for.”

Some features:

  • Sine, square, saw, and triangle waveforms.
  • A “fancy” wavefolder for any signal.
  • Linear and exponential FM.
  • Hard sync.
  • Pulsewidth modulation.
  • A “snazzy drive circuit,” meaning a 75X overdriven VCA that can also function as a regular VCA.

Mr. Phil Ter is a VCA, envelope generator, and filter. Cre8audio touts it as a super-rich and creamy-sounding transistor ladder filter in addition to being a VCA. It’s a 12hp synth without an oscillator – although it will self-oscillate if you turn up the resonance. Mr. Ter features a dual (fast or slow) envelope generator, plus there’s a “hidden 7-bit “easter egg” feature for a “steppy sample and hold effect.”

NiftyCASE BigEARS are birch ends for the NiftyCASE, capable of stacking two of Cre8audio’s Eurorack cases.

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