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New PreSonus Retro Mix Legends Console Emulations



New console emulations for Studio One bring the classic analog sounds of three classic consoles to your modern desktop mix.

Their State Space Modeling technology allows PreSonus to create digital models of analog circuit behavior on a per-component level. They can even model the specific non-linearity within these components, which results in even more realistic digital models of analog circuit behavior. This is particularly important for components such as transformers and vacuum tubes. Because of this, Studio One’s Mix Engine FX captures the character and personality of legendary analog hardware that is otherwise out of reach for most musicians, producers, and engineers.

  • Alpine Desk: Console emulation of classic American console with warmth, punch, and unique transformer selection control
  • Brit Console: Console emulation of two famous British consoles with unique Harmonics control
  • Porta Cassette: Console emulation of the lauded four-track cassette-based portable studio with pitch control

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