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Great Rieger Organ Sample Library from VSL



Manual labor in the Vienna Koncerthaus

Vienna Symphonic Library’s Great Rieger Organ is a virtual representation of the legendary instrument installed at the Great Hall of Vienna Konzerthaus. It comes with a new sample engine and a user interface tailored to organ playing called… yes, the Vienna Organ Player. 

With 116 stops for its five manuals and the pedal board, the Great Rieger Organ at Vienna Konzerthaus is the largest concert organ in continental Europe. It was built by the famous “Gebrüder Rieger” company of Jägerndorf, Silesia, and installed in 1913 – the year the venerable Konzerthaus in the heart of Vienna officially opened. This concert hall environment’s reverb matches orchestral instruments on a scoring stage or concert hall better than one recorded in a church.

The Collection is based on the recordings of the original Vienna Instrument Konzerthaus Organ, which is still available. But the Vienna Organ Player makes it easy to manage the manuals and pedal, and the stops are accessible so you can create and save customized registrations. Because the instrument is multi-timbral, its manuals and pedal can be assigned to receive on separate MIDI channels. 

The Great Hall’s room tone (noise floor) can be dialed in separately, even with the Rieger Organ’s wind chest running idle. You can use the regular playing ranges of the manuals and the pedal or map them over an 88-key keyboard. “Tremulant” modifies the air supply, resulting in tremolo and slight vibrato, and a “Swell” parameter that recreates the effect of pipes being shuttered off in a swell box can be assigned to any and all manuals.

In addition to the recorded ambience the Great Hall of Vienna Konzerthaus, there are mixer presets to place the organ and match its reverb to your projects. Mixer Presets come in Standard and Style (with presets such as Messiaen, Toccata & Fugue, Animated Fairytale, Pop Hymn), Concert Venues (including the various halls of Vienna Konzerthaus and The Sage Gateshead), Scoring Stages (Synchron Stage Vienna, Teldex Berlin, ORF Sendesaal), and Sacred Places (chapels and churches).

Introductory price: $256, (regular $311). Crossgrade prices from the original Konzerthaus Organ are available.

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