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Spitfire Audio Adds Abbey Road One: Wondrous Flutes



Spitfire Audio adds ABBEY ROAD ONE: WONDROUS FLUTES to classic film-inspired series.

Working with Abbey Road Studios in a continued creative partnership putting the top-tier, sought-after sound of Studio One itself into the hands of modern-day media composers the world over, ABBEY ROAD ONE: WONDROUS FLUTES facilitates a wondrous — and wonderfully-recorded — pairing of woodwind, with a piccolo sounding an octave higher than the flutes to double the same part, producing a common, classic sound suited to all genres. Its influences clearly come from the likes of John Williams’ widely-known Star Wars themes… think second theme statement by the trumpets in bars 12-17 in the opening of 1977’s game-changing Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, where a piccolo plays sounding an octave above two flutes. Fast-forwarding for another acclaimed example, ‘This Is Berk’ from the Oscar-nominated score to 2010’s How to Train Your Dragon by British film composer John Powell features flutes with a piccolo playing the melody an octave above, accompanying the stirring strings between bars 46-49.

ABBEY ROAD ONE: WONDROUS FLUTES comprises — self-explanatory— Long, short Staccato, short Marcato, and various short MORDENT articulations, as well as stunning legato performances captured with Spitfire Audio’s newfound approach to offer a realism like never before. Back to the performing Paul Thomson: “You’ll recognise the sound of the MORDENT — a sound that’s featured heavily in the score to E.T. by John Williams… we have minor and major versions of these, and not only 2nds but also the minor and major 3rds, so you’ve pretty much got everything that you need to cover all kinds of different combinations to make exactly the chord that you want to use for those kinds of accent parts. It’s incredibly useful and performed in that style and that way that we recognise and that we hear in film scores. Our WONDROUS LEGATO is designed so that you can play beautiful, lyrical melodies with it, but it also works if you play fast — agile and scurrying for those really great runs when you need to amp up the excitement. There’s a Staccato — nice and tight, and then we have a Marcato — a longer short note, played with much more weight at the front of the note, which gives it more of a weighty, stately kind of feel.”

ABBEY ROAD ONE: WONDROUS FLUTES is available as an AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-compatible, NKS (Native Kontrol Standard)-ready plug-in that loads directly into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at an attractive MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of only £49.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$49.00 USD/€49.00 EUR (inc. VAT) from here:

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