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Overloud SuperCabinet IR Processing Tool Released



Did you know that Impulse Responses work really well on synths and drums, not just guitars?

The SuperCabinet is based on Overloud’s Fluid Convolution technology, which lets you combine up to four different Impulse Responses and then apply EQ, pan them, and depth to create custom cabinet tones. It lets you choose the speaker, mic model and placement, preamp, and power amp, then loads the IR for you. You can also use your own IRs, and all the IRs are phase-aligned automatically.

With SuperCabinet’s Multiband mode, you load separate IRs for different frequencies. Example: a 4×12 American IR on the bass for more punch, a 4×12 British IR on the mids for its presence, and a 2×12 American IR on the treble for its tone. The Stereo knob transforms a mono IR into a wide stereo tone; with the Multiband mode, the tone opens up.
Final IRs can be exported to use in hardware modelers or other IR loaders in .wav formats. The SuperCabinet comes with three factory libraries, created by sampling a 4×12″ Simms Watts, a Friedman BE412, and a Dr.Z 2×12″ cabinet. Each was created with 18 microphones in 16 positions, using tube and solid-state power amps (total 576 phase-aligned IRs). There are also many third-party IR libraries available, created by “selected: sound designers including Choptones and The Amp Factory. 

Overload is arguably the company that finally settled the debate over whether host-based reverb processors could compete with dedicated hardware units. Computers had become powerful enough to run them alongside all the other things we have going, so the answer was yes.


– Import your own IRs in .wav format at any sample rate, length, and bit depth
– Compose your cabinet tone with the unique Multiband mode
– Blend multiple IRs and create totally custom and huge stereo guitar tones
– Use as part of a TH-U preset or export your custom IRs in .wav format for use with all major hardware modelers and software IR loaders
– Ever expanding library of IRs from renowned manufacturers like Choptones and The Amp Factory
– One of the largest high resolution IR collections ever created
– No latency added

Prices: TH-U Premium owners (previously TH-U Full): free. Owners of any other TH-U version (Rock, Metal, Funk and R&B) $49 through May 31, 2021 (normally $79).
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