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Spitfire Audio Announces Hainbach – Landfill Totems Sample Library



Hainbach – Landfill Totems, a sample library comprising an extension of the sound palette of Berlin-based electronic music composer and performer Hainbach’s musically mind-blowing Landfill Totems concept album.

Berlin-based electronic music composer and performer Hainbach (a.k.a. Stefan Goetsch) creates shifting audio landscapes living on the experimental edge of electronica, championed by British independent print and online music magazine The Wire — widely renowned for its coverage of a wide range of global alternative, underground, and experimental music — as “…one hell of a trip.” The music itself is an abstract yet visceral experience, fashioned from esoteric synthesizers, test equipment, magnetic tape, and idiophones — instruments that totally vibrate when struck, shaken, or scraped. Straddling studio to stage, Hainbach’s immersive live performances are also admired, manifesting more recently through his YouTube Channel, where he has amassed an ever-expanding loyal following, sharing his experimental journeys and expertise with wider audiences.

As a sample library of stark sonic contrasts — from harsh, futuristic, and dystopian to beautiful and emotive sounds from another world, HAINBACH – LANDFILL TOTEMS is an invitation for musicians and producers to reimagine, recreate, or completely pull apart the sound world of an artist like no other to facilitate their own artistic vision. Indeed, it is perfect for creating tension, suspense, and beauty in any musical setting — from electronic tracks to hybrid film scoring or abstract sound design.

Hainbach’s musically mind-blowing Landfill Totems concept album is available to purchase either on its own as a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl album for £17.50 GBP (inc. VAT) or as a bundle — comprising a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl album (plus WAV / FLAC digital download) and the HAINBACH – LANDFILL TOTEMS sample library — directly from SA Recordings HERE:

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