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New Dozer Drive Plug-in From Fuse Audio Labs



Fuse Audio Labs turns to two iconic guitar pedals to deliver DOZER DRIVE as a plugin-powered fusion.

Fuse Audio Labs announces its DOZER DRIVE plugin — powering a flexible fusion of two of the most iconic guitar pedals of all time as an authentic-sounding single-entity emulation encompassing fuzz, overdrive, and distortion.

Readily ranging from subtle boosts to the point of saturation-driven seventh heaven, DOZER DRIVE is musically modeled on a legendary circular fuzz from 1966 and a 1979-vintage monstrous little green overdrive. On one side, its FUZZ channel covers all bases for creating classic dirty sounds; SCREAMER, on the other hand, hits a home run when it comes to delivering the typical mid-pronounced tone that became the industry-standard overdrive of choice. Creatively, DOZER DRIVE offers flexible channel routing for those that like to tweak — SCREAMER after FUZZ, FUZZ after SCREAMER, or both in PARALLEL.

The FUZZ channel provides an NPN vs. PNP switch that lets users choose between the typical clipping characteristics of silicone and germanium transistors, as well as a switchable DOOM MOD for conjuring up ultimate grind, while the SCREAMER channel’s FAT MOD switch shifts the mid-focused tone towards a much stronger bottom end. Finally, the MIX controller allows for fine-tuning the fuzz/overdrive ratio in PARALLEL MODE.

Created in collaboration with Honest Amp Sim Reviews, DOZER DRIVE is available at an attractive price of only $19.00 USD directly from the Fuse Audio Labs website, which includes more in-depth information.

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