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Synth and Software, March 2021



NEW from Korg, the miniKorg 700FS – the famous analog monophonic synth from 1973 is reissued.

It’s only natural to assume that the latest thing is an improvement over previous things. That makes complete sense when it comes to music technology, because manufacturers have been constantly refining their products under intense competition for several decades.

Still, it’s easy to forget just how great some of the early instruments – not just instruments – were and still are. KORG certainly hasn’t forgotten theirs. The miniKORG 700FS on this month’s cover is one of a few reissued instruments they announced during January’s Believe in Music week.

It’s just a really cool analog instrument! The miniKORG was first released in 1973, their first mass-produced monophonic synth. This is an authentic revival of the miniKORG 700S, an updated version released in 1974 (presumably the next production run). It includes an arpeggiator, a spring reverb, and aftertouch. They even brought in the original designer, Fumio Mieda, for the project.

In case you’re wondering, the other instruments KORG re-issued are the DW-8000 and the modular ARP 2600 M.

Looking forward to hearing them! Nick Batzdorf

Synth and Software - Mar 2021

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