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Synth and Software, January 2021



About this Month’s Cover

Who doesn’t love a spaceship music studio with a dozen keyboards, head-high racks full of effects units, several computers, at least three computer monitors (preferably four), and a mixing board that dominates the room?

How about if we throw in a couple of Aeron chairs?

But seriously. There’s also a lot to be said for small, streamlined setups you can just power up and start making music.

Now, most of that spaceship studio exists in software, and you can’t save more space than that. But there’s a realistic point between the extremes of working entirely on an iPhone and making music in something that feels like a cockpit.

And that’s the subject of Synth and Software contributor Mark Jenkins’ story you see on this month’s cover. He looks at several different compact, hands-on music tools and instruments that don’t force you to push out the walls of your room.

Compact studios have always been part of our mix, and will continue to be so. But don’t worry, we also like our humungous collections of gear.

Nick Batzdorf, Content Director
Synth and Software

synth and software - January 2021

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