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New 5.0 Upgrade to Presonus Studio One DAW

Nick Batzdorf



As you’d expect from its name, the Show Page is for live performance, with backing tracks and plug-in (instrument and processing) patch management – live and virtual players as Presonus calls this. It also has Setlists, and a full-screen performance view.

A new Score View in the Note Editor is for entering and editing using music using notation. You can use real-time, manual, or step entry, and all the expected musical symbols are included.

Studio One’s plug-ins have been revised in the new version. The dynamics effects have sidechain inputs with filters, some plug-ins have a Drive parameter with modeled analog distortion. There’s a Pro EQ plug-in with a linear phase low-cut filter (linear phase EQ is transparent rather than colored), and the sound quality has been improved in other plug-ins.

You can now capture mixer scenes as snapshots and recall some or all of the parameters. A Listen bus lets you monitor soloed signals. There are Clip Gain Envelopes. Aux inputs can feed signals directly into the mixer rather than a track.

Rather than being add-ons, the Studio One Artist version now has support for VST and AU plug-ins, ReWire (an inter-application protocol that’s been discontinued), and supports the Studio One Remote Control app for iPad and Android tablets.

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