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More New Products from Believe in Music Week



Synth and Software continues to cover new product releases from the ‘virtual’ NAMM 2021 convention, as well as other new products releases.

IK Uno Desktop Synths

Among the many benefits to your free subscription to Synth and Software is learning about things like new synths before those unfortunate enough not to have subscribed (or at least visited the site).

For example, you already knew that IK Multimedia would have their cool new Uno desktop synths on proud display in their virtual booth.  More on IK products.

Delta Sound Labs Fold

Delta Sound Labs has a new plug, called Fold, that they describe as “a unique distortion synthesis plug-in for harmonically rich overtones.”

The name comes from the wavefolding technology at its core, first introduce by Don Buchla. Instead of squaring off the tops of waveforms that exceed a threshold, this distortion synthesis technique folds them back on themselves, creating ripples at their tops – those harmonically rich overtones.

Fold also has a bitcrusher, and then an emulated analog lowpass filter. Delta Sound Labs suggests using it on everything from synths to low drums to synths.

Applied Acoustics Chromaphone 3 Acoustic Object Synthesizer Plug-in

New Chromaphone 3 Acoustic Object Synthesizer Plug-in

You saw it on our pages recently, and we have one of our best contributors working on a review to be released imminently. It’s a two-voice eight-physically-modeled-acoustic-resonator synthesizer.

Here’s the story.

More to come!!!

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