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New Guitar Amp Sim from Audified: Linda RockStack



New virtual guitar amp sim suited to a wide range of rock and metal sub-genres.

As a longtime user of various amp sims and cab impulses, experienced mastering/mixing engineer, musician, and programmer Martin Linda started making inroads into programming his dream machine as a guitar amp plug-in perfectly suited to working with a wide range of rock and metal sub-genres many moons ago, but it was only by closely collaborating with software applications, software effects, and hardware processors developer Audified that he was finally able to realize that dream.

Linda RockStackis a three-channel amplifier plug-in with an independently-switchable —MOD(multi-stagechorus) andDELAY— effects section and a continuously-blend-able cabinetIMPULSEsection. It is also equipped with extensive tone-shaping options, such asPREandPOST(LO,MID, andHI) gain EQ alongside additionalTIGHT,FAT, andBODYcontours, so its tonal possibilities are almost endless.Engaging that multi-stage chorus and delay effects processing independently all adds up to a unique- sounding and unbelievably-versatile virtual amp that provides its user with control over a vast tonal palette with mind-blowing flexibility — fresh from the excellent ear and musical mind ofLinda Audio’sMartin Linda, complete with mix-ready guitar tones.

Linda RockStack provides its users with the tools to create their own mix-ready rock and metal sounds rather than simply copying what has gone before. Better said by Martin Linda himself: “There is no need to simulate a brand when you can create your dream guitar tone instead!”

No need, indeed, which is whyLinda RockStackduly delivers three distinctly different voicings —CLEAN,ROCK, andMETAL, each with their own colouration and gain structure, and can be tailored to taste by providing the controls needed to create that dream guitar tone that users mighthitherto have only heard in their heads. Having said that, then, the difference between EQ shaping before and after a gain stage is huge — henceLinda RockStackprovidingPREEQ controls to push the gain stage in particular frequency ranges andPOSTEQ controls to finalise the sound,making it more mix ready. TheTIGHTcontrol makes both the low end and the gain structure more focused as it is increased, increasing theFATcontrol results in a fuller lower midrange response, while turning up theBODYcontrol makes the amp push more aggressively in the higher midrange.Meanwhile, the three-stage multi-switch dynamically accentuates higher frequencies with both active positions being sensitive to the input signal level —BRIGHT 1being more focused on the higher midrange, whileBRIGHT IIemphasises even higher frequencies with a little bass boosting toboot.

Beyond that, though, the chorus can be positionedPREorPOSTthe gain stages, and has two switchable modes —TYPE 1and2. TheDELAYis positioned after the gain stages, and capable of delivering anything from clean and precise digital delay to the degraded and clipped repeats thattypified yesteryear’s analogue delays.

Down below those effective effects,Linda RockStackflexibly features twoCABINETimpulses —AandB. Better still, users can blend between them, though the cabinet section can also be switched off — just in case users wish to pairLinda RockStackwith their own choice of impulses. Indeed, itis worth noting that the plug-in’s amp and effects sections can also be separately switched on and off, offering users freedom of choice when it comes to their usage at any given time.

The noiseGATEcan be switched toONorOFFpositions, the former proving particularly useful when pushing theROCKandMETALvoicings into higher saturation, while the latter works well when playing with theCLEANvoicing or lower gain sounds to maximise dynamics and retain attackinformation.

Linda RockStack is available to purchase for an introductory price of $29.00 USD — rising thereafter to its regular price of $49.00 USD — from Audified’s online shop, which also includes further information and sound samples, HERE

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