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New Chamber Ensemble of Orchestral Strings – Sunset Strings



Realitone introduces Sunset Strings – a new chamber ensemble of orchestral strings for Native Instruments Kontakt. And it’s different from traditional string libraries.

Realitone’s Sunset Strings is designed for keyboard playing rather than programming, so it was recorded as an ensemble with all the players seated in position – although for control, its 3 basses were recorded separately from the 5 violins, 3 violas, and 3 cellos. 

You select from a list of different attacks, sustains, effects, looped performances (such as ricochets), and releases, then blend between two separate layers using the Modwheel or other MIDI controller. Sunset strings was recorded in United Recording on Sunset Blvd., formerly known as Ocean Way.

Regular price $300, introductory price $199.95.

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