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Modern Scoring Strings: Audiobro’s New Take On Orchestral String Libraries.



Modern Scoring Strings (expected release January 2021, price TBA) is Audiobro’s new take on orchestral string libraries. It builds on the company’s first string library, LASS (LA Scoring Strings), which launched in 2009.

MSS is a 60-piece string orchestra recorded on a scoring stage in two divisi parts per instrument, and it divides automatically when you play more than one note. You position each A and B section graphically on the stereo sound stage, and each has its own volume, stereo width, and pan controls (there are also presets).

The library includes an extensive range of sustained, legato, short, and miscellaneous articulations recorded with four different mic mixes.

MSS’ “miscellaneous” category includes octave runs and ostinatos, and they can sync to the host DAW’s tempo.

There are play-assist features for ostinatos and runs. For runs, you set the scale and note values, play the destination note, and switch between up and down scales using the mod wheel or other MIDI controller. With ostinatos, you hold down the chord:

Among MSS’ innovations are real-time control over the attack speed and vibrato level, which can be mapped to physical MIDI controllers. The attacks are samples at each dynamic level, rather than envelopes.

Watch for an extensive Synth and Software review coming very soon, but in the meantime, there are more details on Audiobro’s site.

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