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Electronic Music & Particle Physics Meet in “Electric Storm”



Electronic Music & Particle Physics Meet in “Electric Storm”

Moog Music, CERN and Dorit Chrysler: Electronic Music & Particle Physics Meet in “Electric Storm”…

Composer Dorit Chrysler and filmmaker Marie Losier give new meaning to underground art in “Electric Storm,” a short theremin-centric film shot 30+ stories below the Earth’s surface in the heart of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. 

Without actually making the trip 30+ stories underground, it might not be possible to get a feel for just how thrilling it is to visit CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, located just outside of Geneva, Switzerland— but “Electronic Storm” gets you closer.  

In this new short film, accomplished filmmaker Marie Losier and master thereminist Dorit Chrysler build a sci-fi-inspired world at the intersection of musical exploration and scientific discovery. Set to an original composition that Chrysler crafts throughout the piece using Moog Music’s new Claravox Centennial theremin— a mystifying musical instrument that is played without physical contact—Losier artfully captures the futuristic world of the world-renowned particle physics facility. 

“It was a uniquely inspiring location,” Chrysler says of CERN. “An international cathedral of science following no commercial purpose but pure creative experimenting on a scale so grand that I had never witnessed before. It immediately inspired the idea to set a film there… putting this location to sound and to celebrate the beginnings of electronic music, a colossal moment of invention… the centennial of the theremin.” 

Opening photo, Lucien Samaha

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