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New from Xaoc Devices – Katowice Stereo Vari-Band Isolator



Stereo variable–band isolator allows the user to manipulate a selected range of frequencies – Eurorack synth compatible.

It is the first module in a series of upcoming Xaoc Devices products designed specifically for processing stereo signals. Katowice splits the stereo input signal into three bands: low, middle, and high. While the knobs and CV inputs define the center frequency and bandwidth of the mid-band, the low and high bands are automatically adjusted so that the sum of all three is a complete signal. All three bands are passed through high-quality VCAs and their stereo outputs are available separately for further processing. A stereo mixdown signal is also available.

Katowice may be used as a crossover network, a parametric EQ, DJ-style kill filter, or other band-selective applications, including multiband compression and stereo enhancement.

– 3-band, 24dB/oct crossover module
– Voltage-controlled band configuration
– Three stereo VCA blocks
– Voltage-controlled attenuation in each band


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