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Javanese Gamelan: OUT NOW with Intro Pricing



Javanese Gamelan: OUT NOW with Intro Pricing

Javanese Gamelan, An Inspiring Ensemble From Indonesia…

Become immersed in the ancient sound of the Javanese gamelan, now available as a virtual instrument from Impact Soundworks. This 1,500+ year-old musical ensemble and art form is centered around tuned, metallic percussion that, in unison, produces an evocative, meditative tone.

The sound of gamelan has inspired composers in the West for centuries: from Satie, Cage, Bartók, Messiaen, and Britten, to James Newton-Howard, Alexandre Desplat, and Bear McCreary. Now, it can inspire your music as well!

The virtual instrument is of the Javanese variety, as opposed to the more commonly-sampled Balinese variety, and gives you incredible control & playability with twelve individually sampled instruments.

Key Features

  • Enjoy crystal-clear tones with over 6,500 meticulously captured samples
  • Play with breathtaking dynamics and clarity via 16x velocity layers
  • Create your perfect sound with our custom ensemble builder patch
  • Use authentic tuning & scales, or traditional Western tuning
  • Explore a universe of tonal possibilities with our Console FX rack

Available NowJavanese Gamelan is available now for the introductory price of $79 (MSRP: $99) through Thursday, Nov 5th, 2020. The full version of Kontakt is required.

Whether you’re creating atmospheric music, film scores, epic hybrid tracks, New Age meditations, or ambient electronica, Javanese Gamelan will add a new dimension to your music.

Check out the library page for more details, including demos made exclusively with the library, and to purchase.

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