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Suzanne Ciani to Livestream Quadraphonic Modular Synthesis at 2020 AES Show



Electronic music pioneer and recording artist Suzanne Ciani will offer a unique, immersive live listening experience for AES Show attendees.

The AES Show Fall 2020 Convention will feature a quadraphonic livestream performance by recording artist and electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani on Wednesday, October 28 at 8:00 PM EDT. The event will be livestreamed from Envelop in San Francisco and will feature Ciani performing a solo Buchla modular synthesizer concert rendered as a binaural stream to be experienced by listeners utilizing standard headphones.

Throughout her career, Ciani has worked to bridge the gap between art and technology, and in her electronic performances, she has pioneered the use of quadraphonic sound to create immersive spatial experiences, with sound moving through space at the core of her performance aesthetic. For this performance, Ciani comes full circle from a live Buchla 200 quadraphonic performance at the Audio Engineering Society in New York on December 2, 1975. 

While current circumstances prevent a live performance, Envelop in San Francisco is partnering with the AES to present an event using the Envelop Stream platform, an online collective listening space that shares live-streamed spatial audio events. Using Envelop’s spatial audio technology with regular headphones, Envelop Stream creates a 3D experience of sound that transcends any location. 

Ciani is a five-time GRAMMY® award-nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist who has released over 20 solo albums including Seven Waves, and The Velocity of Love, along with a landmark quad LP LIVE Quadraphonic, which restarted her Buchla modular performances. Her work has been featured in films, games, and countless commercials as well. 

Registration for the event can be found here. AES Show Fall 2020 Convention All-Access attendees can watch the livestream for free using the promo code to be provided in the October 28 Daily-ish Convention newsletter.

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