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1010music Announces Bluebox Portable Audio Mixer



Portable Audio Mixer with Multitrack Recording, Playback, Effects, and More

Bluebox is a portable digital mixer to help you get the most from your electronic music setup. Connect eurorack, sampler, drum machine, and synthesizer outputs to 6 stereo, 3.5 mm TRS inputs, and map them to 12 mono or 6 stereo tracks – all with independent control for recording and playback.  

Import audio tracks/DAW stems to use in live performances or record independent tracks or the main mix using a standard microSD card. Advanced reverb and delay effects along with 4 band EQ per track adds new depth to your sound with total control to quickly tweak playback as-needed.

Bluebox’s compact 5.5” x 5” x 2” case lets you tuck it into a crowded tabletop studio or throw it in your pack for the next gig.

Each bluebox track offers a channel strip that includes dedicated volume, gain, 4 band parametric EQ, pan, mute and solo functions. Effects available include internal delay and reverb engines as pre-fader, post-EQ auxiliary sends per mixer track.

1010 Music Bluebox

The 3.5” touchscreen offers a dynamic visual interface that integrates with 4 physical knobs, 8 navigation buttons and 3 transport buttons to give you quick access to the most important functions. MIDI input and output allow you to synchronize the clock with external gear for synchronized effects and metronome. For more information.

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