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Waverazor Offers Free Major Update With New Features



Tracktion presents a FREE update to MOK’s innovative wave slicing synthesizer – Waverazor.

Waverazor is packed with tons of new features. Plus, in alliance with the all-new Unified – Waverazor with a library of more than four hundred factory patches.

Waverazor is a futuristic synth that uses its formidable, unique, patented oscillator design to splice waveforms. This new form of synthesis allows users to generate completely original sounds to give biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads, and anything else in-between. Version 2.5 brings an array of new features to wave slicing and sonic exploration. The update adds three new Filters, three new Effects, and two new Modulators combined with significant advances in the DSP modules to give greater control to reverbs and delays.

The new CombLPF filter offers a great sounding comb and can be used as a reverb building block. The All-Pass filter provides the user with options to create phasers, reverbs, and timbral shifts in distortion. The third new filter, TapLine 8, consists of eight short delays to aid physical modeling.

Add to these the new TapLine8X effect to give longer delay time, a MOK style reverb effect, and a dual-stereo delay effect and new sound outcomes are now wide open. Further improvements include a modular style Step Generator complete with direction control and a smooth Random source for natural movement. 

Current Waverazor owners can start their next sonic adventure by downloading v2.5 for FREE. For those thinking of taking an auditory leap into a new, experimental world of wave slicing, Waverazor is available for $159.

In cooperation with, Mok has also developed Unified – Waverazor, a library of more than four hundred factory patches in Unify’s native patch format. As well as being a potent instrument, Unify is also a powerful plug-in host that gives plug-ins users Layering and Splitting capabilities. Owners of both Unify and Waverazor can now load all the new Waverazor patches and combine, layer, split and stack them in conjunction with any other plug-ins they own.

To find out more about Mok Waverazor 2.5 and Unified – Waverazor, plus all the latest news, updates, hundreds of great tips, and feature videos please go to .

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