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Arturia Unveils Flagship Synthesizer, PolyBrute



Fusing the raw power of Brute oscillators with digital Matrix precision, Arturia’s PolyBrute represents a new era of polyphony.

Arturia announces the PolyBrute – Polyphonic power fused with unrivaled modulation capabilities. Infinite positions on an elusive spectrum of sound, instantly accessible. An instrument that responds to your every command for ultimate performance control. Available November 2020.

6 pure analog voices driven by 2 Brute oscillators, complete with distortion, wavefolding, and FM control, shaped by dual enhanced filters for massive timbral variety.

Seamless three-dimensional morphing between two completely different states within a single patch. An infinite continuum of sound, immediately accessible expression.

A new dimension of performance control, with a dynamic ribbon strip, an assignable mod wheel, and finally, the innovative Morphée 3-axis performance touchpad.


No more static patches. 3 envelope generators, 3 LFOs, and modulation flexibility normally reserved for modular systems – with the immediacy and precision of digital control.
The digital brain to PolyBrute’s analog heart – control presets, the sequencer, morph state editing, and of course, PolyBrute’s expansive modulation routing.

Pristine stereo digital effects incorporated into every patch, with parameters that can be modulated to no end – including algorithms from our acclaimed FX Collection.

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