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Synth and Software Editor Geary Yelton Announces Retirement



Synth and Software continues…but we’d like to thank Geary for his vision and experience – thanks, Geary!

Geary Yelton: I’m announcing my retirement, effective on September 4, justafter the publication ofSynth and Software’s Septemberissue.Despite excellent health, lately I’ve been taking stock and coming to gripswith the brevity of life and the acceleratingpassage of time. After a long careerin music and publishing, one of my life’s ambitions was to launch a magazinethat wouldcontinue beyond my own efforts. Now that I’ve accomplished that, I’drather spend the next few years making music, learning, readingfor pleasure, camping,riding my bike, and when it’s safe again, traveling more and exploring theworld around me.

I want to express my appreciation not only toSynth andSoftware’s contributors and subscribers, but also to my partners inthisventure: Joe Perry, Valery Amador, and Raul Amador. They’ve been carrying muchof the load behind the scenes, andthey will continue to do so.Synth andSoftwarewill live on, and I wish Joe, Valery, and Raul great success inits future.

Again, everyone on our teamwould like to thank Geary for his vision, experience, leadership, and dedication in creating Synth and Software! We plan to continue with much of his vision in mind.


We are actively evaluating a replacement for Geary, with several exceptional people in the running. If you or someone you know would like to be considered, please click here to let us know.

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