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Synthetic Sound Labs Announces 1240 Dual Slope Generator



The 1240 Dual Slope Generator (DSG) is SSL’s long-awaited addition to the MU world – designed in close collaboration with the legendary Serge Tcherepnin.

A Serge Slope Generator is a slew limited unity gain voltage follower whose positive and negative slew rates are voltage controllable.  It has an extremely wide range covering sub-sonic to high audio rates.  Trigger inputs and pulse/gate outputs extend the slewing functions for use as a voltage-controlled (VC) LFO, envelope generator, and a variable pulse delay mono-stable functions.

1240 Dual Slope Generator
Synthetic Sound Labs 1240 Dual Slope Generator

One VC responds roughly exponentially, and two additional VC inputs are routed to individual Rise and Fall slope attenuverters for maximum flexibility and convenience.  This newly updated circuit now includes temperature compensation to help eliminate drifting.  The linearity and accuracy of the slews allow them to be used for exacting applications such as portamento functions.

The 1240 has two identical slope generators (A & B) – each of which can be set to self-trigger (Loop), or even to trigger each other for some wild modulation and audio effects.  It also has two auxiliary outputs which provide an output that is the greater of A & B (PEAK), and another that is the lesser of A & B (TROUGH).  These are interesting and go far beyond normal summing / mixing.

Among the many functions the 1240 DSG can perform are (x2):

  • VC Transient / Envelope Generator – simply started by trigger or gate at TRIG IN.
  • VC LFO – The rates are controlled by the Rise and Fall Rate knobs and inputs, and the slopes controlled from LOG thru Linear to Exponential.
  • VC Timing Pulse / Gate generator.
  • VC Portamento with separate controls for rise and fall rates, and slopes.
  • Envelope Follower (Detector) – The VC decay rate allows the response to be moved from positive to negative peak detection.
  • VC Pulse Delay (Monostable).
  • Sub-Harmonic Series Generator.  A trapezoidal wave-shape is generated for sonorous, smooth sounds.
  • Audio Generator with variable symmetry and a range into kilohertz regions.
  • Non-Linear Low-Pass Filter. The VC slew limiting can progressively turn a sawtooth wave into a triangle and many variations between.  Thus a slope generator can be used as a very interesting low-fidelity VCF.

Price: $495 US.  

Available directly from SSL and through NoiseBug, Pomona, CA.

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