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New Sequencer Module for the Buchla 200e Format



Synthetic Sound Labs has just released its new 3650 Digital Sequencer module – SSL’s first venture into the Buchla 200e format.

Simple operation and straightforward functions make the 3650 easy to learn, and the concise panel graphics avoid menu-diving syndrome. The 3650 has 5 song memories to string up to 16 sequences together, and 7 sequence memories with up to 16 steps per sequence. Sequences of up to 16 steps are easily programmed using the built-in keyboard and octave switches, covering a range of 5 octaves. A separate Accent output pulse is available which can be selected for each of the steps, allowing triggering of other sequencers, envelopes, etc. 

3650 Digital Sequencer

Sequences can be set to any length up to 16 steps by using LOOP feature. Setting a step using the REST button, holds previous pitch and doesn’t fire PULSE out, while setting a step to SLUR, changes to the new CV and doesn’t fire the PULSE out. 

The keyboard can be used to “Live” transpose a running sequence, or as a tiny CV keyboard while in Standby mode without altering the programmed sequence. The 3650 has a convenient internal clock, but external clocks are recommended to allow the greatest timing flexibility. 

The ACC (ACCessory / ACCent) output can be programmed into each step and has 3 operating modes. The ACC output can also be used to output the internal clock, but not at the same time. The Pulse Output has 16 different width timing options, including 3 different ratchets. 

The Start Input resets the sequencer to step #1. It also puts it in run mode if it is not already. The End Output sends a gate pulse when a running sequence drops off the end (goes past 16 or hits a LOOP step). The Start Input and End Output can work together to allow easy cascading of two or more 3650s. 

The SSL 3650 is an easy to use sequencer with powerful features not available in many other modules of it’s kind. 

The SSL 3650 was developed in close collaboration with Division-6. For more information go to

Pricing is $495 US and available exclusively through NoiseBug, Pomona, CA. 

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