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Soundtoys Releases Standalone Effect Rack Plug-in



Effect Rack Available Outside the Soundtoys 5 Bundle

Soundtoys, Inc., a leading developer of professional DSP audio effects, has made the Soundtoys Effect Rack available for purchase as a standalone plug-in. Until now, the multi-effect chain building Effect Rack has only been available within the Soundtoys 5 bundle. Along with its release, Soundtoys also launched its annual Spring Sale. The sale offers Effect Rack with a compelling discount at $199 (reg $299).

“I’m so excited to finally release Effect Rack from the Soundtoys 5 bundle. It’s my favorite Soundtoys plug-in – it’s powerful, deep and so much fun to use. I also think it’s a great way for people who are new to Soundtoys to get to know the range and depth of our effects quickly and easily,” said CEO and lead designer Ken Bogdanowicz.

Effect Rack includes Crystallizer, Decapitator, Devil-Loc Deluxe, EchoBoy, EchoBoy Jr., FilterFreak, FilterFreak 2, MicroShift, PanMan, PhaseMistress, PrimalTap, Radiator, Sie-Q, and Tremolator.

Effect Rack is the most powerful plug-in in the Soundtoys arsenal. It’s a single, self-contained plug-in that comes preloaded with 14 full-featured Soundtoys effects. Use them within the Rack (not as individual plug-ins) to create multi-effect chains. Effect Rack includes EchoBoy and PrimalTap for delay, and Decapitator and Radiator for rich analog saturation. It also offers powerful rhythmic modulation and filtering from FilterFreak, Tremolator, and PhaseMistress. The true power of Effect Rack comes from its global controls. Use the Recycle knob to create instant feedback effects and the global Mix control for easy parallel processing. Once you’ve created your perfect processing chain, save it as a preset to add to the large built-in library of factory effects.

Effect Rack is available for purchase at It’s priced at $199 (reg $299) during the Soundtoys Spring Sale, along with many other deals. Sale prices end May 30.

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