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The Best Service Covid19 Giveaway



Best Service offers a giveaway of their most popular products. Submission Period: April 20–29

Message from Best Service: Many of us spend their time at home and limit social contacts. We think it is a great idea to follow the expert’s advice, so most of our team now work from their homes. Even though it is tempting to go outside again, celebrate with friends and enjoy the approaching summer, stay strong! We hope our giveaway will be a small incentive for you, to stay home a little longer.

We talked to the creative minds behind our products and tried to figure out a way to make a helpful contribution to the musicians, some of whom are now without jobs or income. Our favorite idea was to give something to the musicians in need. But we had to realize that there is no way for us to determine who really is. Eventually, we came up with the idea to give away 250 of our most popular products by raffle. This is a total of almost $60,000/€60.000.

The following products are available to choose from:

We raffle off 25 pieces each and participating is super easy. Click the link below and follow the instructions:


We feel honored and blessed to be able to work with such great library developers and grateful for our wonderful customers. Please, share the love and spread the word! We wish you only the best!

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