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Synth and Software, March 2020



About This Month’s Cover: EMEAPP

In my role as editor of a music technology magazine, I’ve been to some great parties from coast to coast and across both oceans. One of my all-time favorites was a year ago this month, in a gigantic warehouse north of Philadelphia. The location was the home of the non-profit Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project, better known as EMEAPP. The occasion was a celebration of their recent acquisition: Keith Emerson’s stage rig. The event was dubbed The Keith Emerson Experience. (For the backstory, look HERE.)

The gear EMEAPP had on hand included Keith’s towering Moog modular—probably the best-known synth in the world—as well as his Hammond C3 customized by legendary organ tech Al Goff, the Hammond L-100 that once burst into flames onstage (with daggers still stuck in the keys), and numerous other keyboards and synth modules he played with Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Everything was in tip-top shape and ready to play. It was an evening of good food and drink, an impressive roster of guests, heartfelt tributes from the people who knew Keith best, and some incredible musical performances. Our cover photo this month is a scene from that party just as it was getting started.

Synth and Software - March 2020

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