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Jim Aikin’s Modular Synthesis for Beginners Series



Learning about synthesizers doesn’t have to be a struggle...

Those of us who have worked with them for years can breeze past the basics without stopping. For beginners, though, that’s a recipe for confusion. I can’t teach you everything in these basics-oriented columns, but I can give you a foundation to build on.

I first encountered synths in 1976, when I began working as Keyboard magazine’s assistant editor. At first, I had no idea what all those knobs and sliders did, but I had fun poking around. A few months later, I started editing Bob Moog’s monthly column. When I had questions, I could pick up the phone and ask the man himself. You couldn’t get a better education than that.

Jim Aikin 1987

Since then, the basics haven’t changed much—oscillators, filters, and envelope generators—but a bunch of new branches have sprouted. My column can help you learn your way around unfamiliar territory and give you a firm grasp of the basics and beyond.

—Jim Aikin

Modular Synthesis for Beginners Lessons

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