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HEXO – New Release from K-Devices



HEXO – A Max For Live Device For Deep Manipulation/Creation of MIDI Sequence Streaming

K-Devices,a developer of music software tools, has released the HEXO, a Max For Live Deviceof deep and innovative composition tools to create, sketch, and/or variateharmonic, melodic loops and beats. Editand write MIDI patterns using six independenttracks in a highly editable brick-grid. Set probabilities for each step and letHEXO create variations on the fly or use the advanced random functions tocreate brandnew rhythms and grooves. HEXO provides advanced time settings pertrack, to easily go polymetric and/or polyrhythmic. Choosing between Arpeggioor Riff modes lets HEXO build harmony movements on topof your live playednotes and MIDI clips – or just hit play and let HEXO do the whole job.


Thecore of HEXO is the pattern editor: The GRID

HEXO’sGridis based around six tracks of MIDInote sequence streaming, each of which are always visible and can beindependently set from 2 to 32 steps. For each step of each track you candefine theeventon,itsvelocity,itslengthanditschancetobe generated. This allows you to create riffs and patterns with continuouschanges or add even more complexity using multiple metrics(polyrhythmic,polymetric, orboth at once.)

Eachtrack has exclusive tools for advanced editing:time resolution, range-basedsmartrandomization,a function torotatethesequence, as well as global parameters forlength,velocity,sequencebendingand adelaytiming parameter to change timingrelations across tracks.

Withachancefeaturesimilar in operation to our classic AutoBeat device, HEXO is very helpful ingenerating both original riffs and variations on these riffs, based onyour preference settings.

Being a MIDI device, HEXO works with any MIDI instrument. Each track can be set to work on a specific MIDI note or interval. Using the live input function, it is also possible to map these with an external keyboard on the fly by holding up to six notes on your MIDI keyboard. You then have the option to change the harmony of the sequence in real time, while the pattern is running.

HEXO uses two different modes of operation: ARP or RIFF

InARPmode,HEXO acts like an arpeggiator, building the pattern on top of live incomingnotes. You can feed HEXO by firing off MIDI clips, or simply playing live. Byenabling theRetrigfunction, the patternloses the sync with transport, and all sequences start from step 1 each time anew note is received. This can be useful for such things as quick ‘soloing’notes for part of the pattern, then holding notes when youwant the get the wholepattern arpeggiated.

In RIFF mode, HEXO acts as a very complex polyphonic step sequencer. You can still get an arpeggio-like behavior by enabling the Live Input, you set the notes for each track, on the fly. This can be useful for changing harmony while you work on a pattern. Enabling the thru function gives you live input to play along with HEXO, adding your live incoming notes to the pattern.

HEXO’s Extensive Snapshots section

It is also possible to capture and store up to 4snapshotsper preset,which can be recalled by automation, remote control, or theAutosnapssystem. This allows for setting a‘weight’ (probability) for each of thesnapshots, and atimeintervalto get a trigger in sync with the transport. The trigger will then recall asnapshot by a weight-controlled random function. TheAutoSnapsfunctionthen can be used to modulatethe variate between these snapshots with userdefinable probability amounts.

HEXO pack content

Includes exclusive presets, Ableton clips, and two instruments.

IMMERSIVE1 is a series of devices and presets crafted by sound designer Stèv (StefanoFagnani), exclusively conceived around HEXO. It features two unique playablesources – the mellow, atmospheric Pluckand the acid stab Hyperism – pairedwith space effects, particles parameters and transient enhancement, allcontrollable through pre-mapped useful macros.

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