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Haken Audio and Expressive E Are Collaborating on an Expressive Keyboard Instrument



NEWS FLASH: For the latest on this breaking story, see this update.

Two leaders in MPE controller design will soon deliver something groundbreaking.

MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE) controllers will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the future of electronic musical instruments. This morning we received a press release from Expressive E, and it appears the Paris-based company has been secretly working on a new keyboard-based synth for several years. What’s more, they’ve enlisted Haken Audio to partner with them on it.

The new instrument is close enough to completion that it’s been shown to a select number of media composers, synthesists, and other musicians. Expressive E just released a video showing their enthusiastic reactions to trying out the new instrument. Whatever it is, a limited number of them will soon be available to pre-order at a discounted price.

If you’re unfamiliar with either company, Expressive E is the maker of the Touché, a device that gives new expressive capabilities to any MIDI instrument. Haken Audio makes the Continuum, an instrument that combines a multidimensional playing surface with a powerful DSP-based synthesizer. Whatever the two companies are working on, it’s bound to be exciting stuff, and we can’t wait to see it.

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