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Waldorf introduces the new Kyra Synthesizer



Kyra is a powerful virtual analog hardware synthesizer capable of creating a wide range of contemporary sounds for live and studio musicians.

Based on an FPGA, Kyra features enormous synth power with 128 voices. As a truly multitimbral instrument it features eight independent ‘parts’ with 32 voices per PART, each effectively being a complete synthesizer with sound sources (OSC GROUP 1, OSC GROUP 2, SUB 1, and SUB 2); FILTERS; modulators (EGs, LFOs, and MOD MATRIX); multi-effects unit (EFFECTS); and a USB 2.0 connection — can exchange MIDI information, as well as send the audio from each stereo PART to a computer as eight stereo 24-bit streams at 96kHz (with 48kHz downsample mode available) and one stereo audio return from the computer supporting a single 24-bit stereo audio stream from the host DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Versatility further abounds as each PART has a dedicated multi-effects unit comprising nine stereo effects modules — namely, three-band EQ, Formant filter, input Limiter, Distortion module, Delay module, six-stage Phaser, Chorus flanger, Stereo reverb, and output Limiter — with dedicated audio stream via USB.

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