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Save 50% on All Arturia Sound Banks



If you’re a fan of vintage synth sounds, Arturia is having a fantastic sale you’ll want to know about.

From now until November 4, all sound banks for all of Arturia’s software instruments are just half-price. That kind of savings means you’ll pay just $3.99 for Paul Schilling’s Switched On, a collection of patches that accurately re-create the sonorities of Wendy Carlos’s Switched On Bach. Or pay $3.99 for ELP Tribute, a bank of Keith Emerson’s best-known sounds, programmed by Nori Ubukata. And if you’re a Richard Devine fan, pay just $2.49 for either of his signature patch libraries. Tributes to Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Toto, Giorgio Moroder, Genesis, Boards of Canada, Vangelis, and others are yours for bargain-basement prices, too. You can also download original, premium patch collections like Synthopedia, Future Bass, and Modern House for half their usual price.

Arturia’s sound banks require one or more of their software instruments, of course, so please check the requirements before you order. Switched On, for example, runs on Modular V. However, all of Arturia’s sounds run on the soft synth Analog Lab. If you don’t already own Analog Lab, you can get that for half price, too—$99 instead of $199—and they’ll even throw in the Floyd Tribute and Razor Bass sound banks for free.

To take advantage of this sale, visit Arturia by November 4. Tell ’em Synth and Software sent you. For more information on their software instruments, see our Arturia V Collection review here.

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