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PSP Updates Their Free Reverb Plug-In, PianoVerb



PSPaudioware, a Warsaw-based company that’s been developing premium audio plug-ins for the past 20 years, has just updated their unique reverb plug-in PianoVerb.

What makes it unique is that it uses a dozen “string operators,” each tuned to a specific pitch, to simulate the reverberant qualities of a piano body’s interior.

To download your free PianoVerb 1.9, you’ll need a PSPaudioware account. If you have one, just log on, and you’ll find it in your user area. And if you don’t, you can create one here.

But wait, there’s more! From now until the end of October, every plug-in from PSPaudioware is on sale for 45% off its usual price. PSP makes some of the finest and most useful audio plug-ins you can find, many of them classics that no studio should be without, and a sale like this is just too good to pass up.

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