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Fledgling Company Drives Down the Cost of Eurorack



Today marks the launch of a new American Eurorack synth manufacturer, Cre8audio.

Cre8audio’s flagship product combines their entire range of products debuting today. The NiftyBundle is a modular synthesizer comprising a powered modular case with an integrated MIDI-to-CV converter, a dual VCO and LFO module, a programmable CV touch pad, blank panels, and the cables you’ll need to connect everything. What makes the NiftyBundle so extraordinary is the price: $270 for the whole shebang, or you can buy its components separately.

If you’ve been resisting the lure of Eurorack until it’s less expensive, then it’s finally time to take the plunge. Ideal for beginners or anyone looking to expand their modular setup, the NiftyCase ($200) is an 84hp Eurorack case that provides 2.5A of power, USB MIDI, and 5-pin DIN MIDI to CV/gate conversion.

If you’re looking for sound sources, the Chipz module’s ($100) two VCOs generate analog sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth waveforms and noise. VCO 1 has an integrated filter, and VCO 2 has variable pulse width. Chipz’s two LFOs each offer five waveshapes.

The Cellz touch pad module ($100) functions as a controller, sequencer, and arpeggiator, with 16 steps that store two CV values each. Cellz can run a sequence, or you can play it in real time by pressing its 16 buttons.

Every modular synthesist needs more cables, too, right? The Box ‘O’ Cables ($15) supplies six cables in three different lengths and a pair of blank panels. Visit Creat8audio’s website for more details.

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