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Editor’s Note: Rising from the Embers



I feel fortunate to have long been part of something that was, at one time, way ahead of its time.

I’ve devoted a sizable chunk of my life to what was my favorite magazine, and it’s become part of who I am. Like most similar publications, it’s had to adapt again and again to changing tastes, changing technologies, and changing realities regarding how musicians gather information. Like too many creative endeavors, however, the business of making money kept getting in the way.

I think of the spirit of that magazine as a persistent moment in time, a time when talented writers, editors, and musicians shared a collective vision. Fortunately, despite the mindlessly unintentional efforts of the traditional publishing business, it’s a spirit that refuses to die. Rather, that spirit is now reborn in the pages of SYNTH AND SOFTWARE. I’m sure it will take us awhile to fully recapture the passion, the factual reliance, and the sense of trust we want it to engender in our readership. Nonetheless, I feel certain we’ll get there quickly enough.

Thank you for coming along. We’re all going on an adventure.

–Geary Yelton, August 2019

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