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Arturia Delivers a Trio of New Delay Plug-Ins



Arturia has just announced their latest effects bundle, 3 Delays You Will Actually Use, and it’s now available for download.

As the name suggests, it comprises three separate plug-ins, each taking a unique approach to delay effects and producing sounds with a distinct character. 

Delay Memory-Brigade emulates the classic Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, an analog delay based on a bucket-brigade device (BBD), a precursor to modern digital signal processors. BBD chips work by passing audio from one capacitor to another like a bucket brigade.

Delay Tape-201 emulates another analog effects processor, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, first introduced in 1974. Inspired by the earlier Maestro Echoplex, the original RE-201 combined a spring reverb with magnetic tape-based delay. Today it’s considered one of the most desirable tape-based vintage effects units ever made.

Delay Eternity is an all-new design from Arturia, and it’s the most versatile of the three. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile delay plug-ins we’ve ever seen, incorporating a variety of effects that include bit-crushing, variable-state filtering, and multiple delay lines.

All three plug-ins are available now, either in a bundle ($99 for a limited time, $199 after) or separately ($69 for a limited time, $99 after). Each includes a nice selection of factory presets. Download the free demos now and give them a spin.

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