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Sound Design for Beginners, by Screech House



Make your own sounds quickly on any synthesizer, anytime, anywhere

Let’s face it. You want to make awesome sounds for your track, but they always end up horribly weak, lame and amateurish. That’s why EDM producer, CEO and best-selling author Cep from Screech Houseshares the essential basics of synthesis you must understand first to do high-quality sound design. Only available within this book.

Any of this sound familiar?
By using a synthesizer, you always face these typical problems. The huge lack of understanding how to recreate those sounds from your favorite artists. The frustrating long hours you have to put in to make your sounds unique, yet they still end up ruining your song. The time, money and energy you waste by falling into the trap of thinking you need new fancy equipment. But the simple truth is: it’s not the synthesizer that is the problem. It’s your incompetence. Luckily, you can change that for good…

Introducing: the ultimate beginner’s shortcut to making jaw-dropping sounds

  • Find out how to use any synthesizer, anytime, anywhere.
  • Get at least 80% of the results by doing less than 20% of the work.
  • Instantly distinguish yourself from all amateurs by making your own authentic sounds.

What you will learn in this guide

  • Discover the essential basics of synthesis and grow yourself into a true master of sound design.
  • Learn the most important synthesizer settings to make your own sounds as quickly as possible.
  • Find out WHAT each setting does, HOW they work, but also WHY to use them.
  • Learn how to make amazing sounds for your song for the rest of your life.

When you think your life will benefit from this book, download your copy and start today.

Why this book will actually help you make amazing sounds
With more than a decade of valuable song-building experience and managing a popular EDM YouTube channel, Cep knows exactly why everyone fails miserably and why people never get the professional results they’re desperately looking for. He says that understanding what you’re doing is the only key to success. It either gets you ahead tremendously or holds you back forever. If you want to win the music-making game, you have to work on yourself first.

That’s why to help you rise to the top, he created this shortcut to save you years of struggles and frustrations. He wants to give anyone who’s committed the exclusive opportunity to reach to his level of expertise. The incredible success stories on his Screech House platform should tell it all.

Get the book that will change your music for good
For only 1% of the price of a synthesizer, you will get 99% of the sound quality by simply reading this book. If you want that benefit, just click the BUY NOW button and you can start immediately. This is a one-time offer and can be gone tomorrow.

Also get a free sample pack
As a token of appreciation, Cep’s work comes with a FREE high-quality sample pack. This way, you can start making music instantly. A download link will be provided inside the book.

Last chance to get in
If you finally want to have your sound design breakthrough, this book is a must-have. Let Cep show you exactly how to use your synthesizer and become a successful professional. If you want real results, now is the time to take action.

Sound Design for Beginners, by Screech House is available at

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