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Randomachine To Relieve Monotony In Samples



United Plugins works with SounDevice Digital to make many variants of one sample with monotony-relieving Randomachine.


Randomachine randomly changes multiple parameters in each of its six effects that are always running behind the scenes each time it is triggered, the upshot of this being that every hit differs from the next or last. Thankfully, those six effects are wonderfully varied, comprising DISTORT — randomly changes the distortion or saturation of the audio being processed; PAN (panorama) — randomly changes the panorama (left/right position) of the audio being processed; AMBIENCE — randomly changes the ambiance (reverb time and space) of the audio being processed; TIME — randomly changes the timing of the audio being processed; PITCH — randomly changes the pitch of the audio being processed; and FORMANT — randomly changes the formants of the audio being processed (albeit with a caveat of the spectral analysis involved adding latency to the plug-in). 

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