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New Silencer Plug-in From Wide Blue Sound



Wide Blue Sound reimagines reverb with SILENCER available as a first-of-a-kind plug-in supercharging already-owned reverb plug-ins.


SILENCER represents reverb where it is wanted — as opposed to where it is not needed. Needless to say, SILENCER’s signature is its TimeGate slot, handily hosting any user’s favorite reverb plug-ins and re-triggering them using a uniquely efficient CPU (Central Processing Unit) process — patent-pending, no less — that clears the buffer and starts a brand-new reverb for each audio transient. The resultant overall sound has 100% clarity, thanks in no small part to the reverb following each transient sounding so pristine since it starts over on the new note. Notable benefits include punchier-sounding drums — add space around them without muddying up the transients; clarity-enhanced leads, chords, and vocals — free from the counterproductive reverb overflow of previous pitches; vintage sample-sounding beats — adding loads of reverb that restarts on each note can sound like there is reverb in the sample itself, all the while keeping everything flexible; and eliminating phase issues on bass/kick reverbs without removing all the low end. Even though all such examples work well with conventional reverb sounds, users are also encouraged to use SILENCER to design the dirtiest, cinematic, or otherworldly reverbs imaginable for themselves, then use re-triggering to turn it into a polished but surreal mix — and all with unparalleled levels of control. It is also possible to trigger reverbs via MIDI notes, the audio transients of a sidechain signal, or manually perform/automate it via the TRIG (trigger) button. It is fair to say that users have to hear TimeGate to believe it, while re-triggering reverb is optional of course.

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