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New MF-109S Saturator Plug-in



The New MF-109S Saturator Moogerfooger effect is now free for a limited time with the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins bundle.

Last month, Moog Music released the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins, a re-invention of Bob Moog’s classic analog effects modules, to bring the legendary performance and musicality of the original hardware effects to your digital music production environment. Today, the synthesizer company releases the MF-109S Saturator, a free addition to the powerful effects suite.

The MF-109S Saturator is a new creative audio processor that emerged out of the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins development. A major component of the classic Moogerfooger functionality is the input drive stage, which adds warmth, distortion, and crunch to any given sound. The MF-109S allows users to have dynamic control over this drive circuit, opening up a new way for artists to interact with the unique saturation tool. 

The Saturator is able to move from tight, distorted overdrive and analog saturation to smooth compression. Further, it models the noise generator circuit of the Minimoog Model D and allows for control of both noise generator level and noise tone with a switchable filter type. 

All parameters of the MF-109S are able to be played, tweaked, automated, and modulated to create lively and truly musical performances. Adding a Moogerfooger effect to your sound invites exploration and experimentation to bring your musical expressions to life. ​

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