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Air, Wind, Height, Skies, Breathing, And Voices…



Developed over the span of more than a year by German composer and sound designer Jan Morgenstern and published on his soundware label Treeswift Audio, the library marks the next chapter in the series of elements-inspired soundsets for Zebra2 that had its debut last year with the release of Zebra Elementals: ISLA.

The instruments that makeup Zebra Elementals: AERA cover a wide range of different uses, styles, and synthesis techniques. What they all have in common is that they’re crafted around the themes of air, wind, height, skies, breathing, and voices. Users will find organic simulations of wind, brass, and pipe instruments that make full use of Zebra’s physical modeling capabilities; unique and unusual hybrid leads, plucks and mallet sounds, airy and cinematic pads, vocals and choirs, animated textures and sequences, striking percussion instruments and patterns, and not least a selection of powerful parametric sound effect generators for swishes, whooshes, fly-bys, rotors, and wind ambiences round out the collection.

With Treeswift Audio, Jan aims to bring unique sounds with a strong organic and “living” quality to professional composers writing for film, TV and games, as well as studio and live musicians and producers looking for sonic “secret spices” for modern electronica and pop productions.

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