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Synth and Software’s Top 10 Soft Synths



Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger ($220)

If you’re looking for sonic inspiration, VPS Avenger will never let you down. Harnessing virtual analog, wavetable synthesis, and sample playback with granular capabilities, this impressive plug-in is a serious synth for serious synthesists. Avenger comes with more than 900 factory patches encompassing a broad variety of musical genres. If you want more, you’ll find lots of expansion packs available for purchase on Vengeance Sound’s website. Its greatest strength, however, is that it’s such a capable platform for programming your own patches.

Avenger features loads of everything you want, including eight oscillators, four filters with 47 types, eight arpeggiators, and eight step sequencers. It comes with hundreds of wavetables, and you can import your own, too. It also has a built-in drum machine with 168 drum kits and 168 drum sequences. Four LFOs offer 17 waveforms, and you can layer 218 samples of noises and attacks with other sounds. Speaking of layering, you can stack multisamples and build four-note chords you play with a single key. Another standout feature is drag-and-drop modulation routing for controlling almost any destination with any source. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never get bored with VPS Avenger.

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