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NY Theremin Society Releases Theremin 100



NY Theremin Society Releases Theremin 100

To mark the 100th birthday of the theremin, the NY THEREMIN SOCIETY is pleased to announce the release of THEREMIN 100 –  a compilation featuring 50 international theremin artists from 18 countries performing original works.

THEREMIN 100 is available on limited vinyl edition, audio CD and digital format, capturing today’s thriving and diverse Theremin Community. Vinyl and CD will be released on January 17th. 

The compilation was curated by master theremin player Dorit Chrysler who says, “

An international call-out was made and to my big surprise a huge amount of submissions from all over the world trickled in – who knew there were so many theremin players – from a girl playing in a rock band in Peru to a Japanese theremin orchestra breaking Guinness book records, from Icelandic experimental to Australian goth, pop to classical.” She adds, “Tracks were chosen to highlight versatility in style, musicality, technique and innovation. I am so proud of the result and grateful for the opportunity of helping to bring attention to the current state of the theremin in composition. The theremin is still obscure in status, so I intended for this release to change the perception of the instrument a bit, demonstrating all the different things it can do.” 

The Theremin 100 compilation also includes a foreword by Albert Glinsky, author of “THEREMIN: ETHER MUSIC AND ESPIONAGE” who says, “As we mark the 100th anniversary of Lev Theremin’s beguiling etherphone, the instrument has come to enjoy a rich repertoire and an enduring identity, its inventor would be proud of. Lev’s primal ‘electronic Orpheus’ lament’ has spawned innumerable works and experiments across genres. The collection of music on this release is a testament to that legacy, representing the rich variety of approaches to a now-classic instrument – an instrument that will forever inspire musicians to conjure new creations out of the spellbinding ‘ether.’” 

La Corona Partida – Diagonal TV – Director: Jordi Frades

Tracks of note on Theremin 100 include “BURY ME, BURY ME WIND,” a composition written for theremin in 1930, one of the first compositions for theremin by Joseph Schillinger, a friend of the inventor. When this piece was being premiered in 1931, Lev Theremin performed the part on the theremin himself. Also noteworthy is a pop caper written by Bruce Woolley who wrote: “Video Killed the Radio Star”. He is behind the Science Radio Orchestra and the song features two thereminists, Charlie Draper (UK) and Lydia Kavina (Russia). There is also a touching performance by Japan Theremin Old School, led by Masami Takeuchi who taught over 800 Japanese theremin students. The piece was recorded before he had a stroke that disabled him from continuing to play the theremin. The compositions on the second part feature his students finishing the composition and playing along with the original works, embracing his melody lovingly like a comforting blanket in the added harmonies. Mike Adams, President of Moog Music who still carries on Bob Moog’s heritage of making theremins and who are supporting this release adds, “This is some of THE best Theremin music I have ever heard compiled.” 

To help celebrate the release, Theremin 100 will host a series of events throughout the year.  Events will be announced in 2020 For more information please visit:

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